DELTA Riland 160 Hobby Welding Machine Malaysia


Our 160Amps MMA / ARC Welding machine is suitable for Light Engineering use, Repair job , Home -Use of Grills, Light Fabrications and Metalworks.

With a Single phase ( home plug type) , it's easy to plug in anywhere and start your welding projects. Its light portable weight makes it easy to transport and carry around. 



Delta Welding Malaysia RILAND MMA 160

Input Power

Input KVA 7KVA
Current Range 30-160A
Duty Cycle  60%
Weldable Electrode size (mm) 2.0-3.2mm
Weight (Kg) 5.5kg (exclude accessories)


NOTE : There is a maximum weldable quantity for  3.2mm welding electrodes.





Items Included

 Holder with cable , Clamp, electodes and handshield , glove