BROWN Portable Dryer /Quiver for Electrodes 5/10KG


Comes in 5/10kg (AC/ DC)

 This products adopts the AC/DC90v-230v mains voltage , controlling temperature in 150C +/- temperature range . It makes the moisture content of the dried welding rod not more than 0. 4% , and keep the coating not aging , so as to reach the high quality weld . 


  • Adaptable Voltage : AC 230V /50Hz , AC/DC60-110V
  • 5/10 kgs
  • Temperature :150°C
  • Electrodes Length - 450 mm
  • Weight: estimated 2.5kg


Suitable for : 

  • low hydrogen 
  • iron powder-coated
  • stainless steel
  • aluminum
  • hard facing
  • and other special low alloy electrodes



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