Tips for beginners


  1. Understanding Your Project 

  • Before buying your first welder, you may need to consider the type of work or DIY projects you are aiming for . DO-IT-YOURSELF projects can be of any kind , such as Metal Repair jobs , Fabricating a special item or metal and many more .

  1. Getting Started 

  • ​Once you've determined which metal to weld or which projects you are interested in , it's time to understand the basic welding process . Learning about Welding is Never Ending , thus with experience , you will get to know your welding skills and needs.

  1. Which Welding Processes ?

  • The most Popular ones that we came across daily are MIG , TIG and Stick Welding .

  • STICK (ARC welding) : Many of us could more or less weld using a Stick (ARC ) Welder , as it's pretty simple , Just get yourself a SMAW machine and some Electrodes and you're pretty all set . Usually Stick welding are used for repairing jobs and for Home use as well . However ,one limitation that you need to know in Stick welding is the thickness of the Steel . We will talk about this later on .

  • MIG welding / Gas Metal Arc welding (GMAW) : This welding process uses a Solid welding wire which is fed on a spool . One of the advantages of MIG welding is it can be used on thin or thicker plate metals. Thus, it is commonly found in Fabrication shops and engineering Industries .

  • TIG / Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) : Now, here comes the big boy which uses Tungsten to produce the welds .Other than that , Fillers and Shielding Gas are commonly used as well .  TIG welding in short requires alot of experience on hand . We're not saying that you can't start off TIG welding as your first , but you know the drill , practice makes perfect . This is one of the popular welding processes to weld a variety of metals with precise high quality welds alltogether. 

  1. Safety Precautions ​

  • ​Welding and Safety Gears always comes hand in hand , best buddies you might say . It's a MUST for any welders to wear a full set of safety attire such as Helmets , Welding Jackets , Coverall , Welding Gloves , Respiratory Equipment as well as Safety glasses . Other additional Safety Acessories that are not listed here are required for more Heavy Industrial Processes.


NOTE : Other Welding processes that are not listed are Flux Cored , Plasma & Oxy Cutting .