Nabakem NDT Mega Check DPI 450ml

Nabakem Mega Check NDT 450ml


Nabakem Mega Check Dye Penetrant DPI 


1 unit : 450ml



  1. Cleaner

  2. Developer

  3. Penetrant 


• Special equipment not required. Easy-to-use.

• This product changes invisible fine cracks into visible red-colored cracks, enabling you to check all cracks.

• Safe for aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy subject to easy corrosion.

• Inspection results are maintained unless you clean them.



Best For

Suitable for :

• It can be used for nonferrous materials like porcelain, glass, synthetic resin as well as metal, iron, nonferrous metal, magnetic substance and nonmagnetic substance.

• Casting parts such as pin hole, scalding flaw, shrinkage flaw forging parts ,forging flaw

• Weld , checking for cracks, failed joining.

• Metal materials in grinding flaw, heat flaw, cutting tool crack.

• Leakage check in  tank, boiler, pipe .