Delta MASTER AC/DC TIG 315 Welding Machine

Delta Welding Malaysia introduces it's new Delta  Masterweld Digital Pulse AC/DC TIG Series for welding Alloy / Aluminium . Our 315 ACDC model is Digitally controlled with a high duty cycle .
Excellent for a wide range of steels :
  • Mildsteel
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel 
Advantages :
- Power  of 315 AMP is enough to power up to 8mm and above of selected metal plates.
- Manual and Auto function
- Pulsed welder and timer setting
- Memory welding function to save your welding modes.
- Electonic setting amphere and settings
- All welding setting are electronically set for easy usage
- To be used accordingly with a Watercooler . You don't want your machine / torch to get heated up right?
Delta Welding Malaysia MASTER ACDC TIG 315
Rated input voltage and phase 415VAC +-15% 50HZ
Rated input power capacity (KVA) 8.9
Output current range(A) 8-305A
Duty cycle 60%
Arc starting HF
Power factor 0.93
DC pulse frequency 1-20
DC pulse duty cycle (%)
Arc starting current(A) 5-50
Arc ending current(A) 5-50
Up slope time(S) 0.9-9
Down slope time(S) 0.9-9
Pre-gas(S) 0.1-9.9
Post gas(S) 0.1-9.9
AC clear pulse width(%) 5-50
AC frequency(HZ) 50-200
Basic current(%) 0-50
Protection class IP21S
Insulation class F
Dimensions(MM) 594 X 364 X 400
Net weight(Kg) 32.8