CEPRO France Safety Welding Curtain Malaysia


Welding curtains are no stranger in the welding industry , it comes in many different size and colours . The main purpose of a welding curtain is to protect passer by and nearby workers fom the welding arc light . This is to prevent  them from being affected by the light .


  • Curtain size 6' x 6'. ( does not come with stand)
  • Fit with 7 sealed eyelets at the top (each 1')
  • Eyelets on both sides and bottom (each 2'), and 5 snap fasteners on each side for interconnecting, with a material thickness of 14 mil. 
  • A set of 7 steel rings is also provided for hanging the curtain on a 1" tube.
  • Colour : Cepro Green-6. 



Provide excellent filters against harmful welding light and also offer protection against irritating (not harmful) welding light.  


This European standard guarantees safety for your workers. CEPRO curtains are tested and approved for EN-1598