WIM 280S MIG Delta Welding Machine Malaysia

Good for Light- Heavy Duty Welding


In Delta Welding Malaysia , Our WIM 280S MIG welding machine is best for Medium to Heavy duty industries whereby maximum efficiency is required . Furthermore, this machine has a 32 steps (continuous , spot and stitch functions) for various welding types.

Similarly with WIM 210S , it has a tool container , tray holder as well as a torch holder as well .


Mains Supply 3-phase 50/60Hz
Voltage 380V – 415V
Max. Input Current 24A
Output Rating 280A / 28V
Duty Cycle Rating @ 60% 250A / 27V
Duty Cycle Rating @ 100% 190A / 24V
Output Control Tapping
Voltage Adjustment 4 x 8 Steps
Open Circuit Voltage 19V ~ 39V
Welding Range @ 50 -210A 40A ~ 280A
Filler Wire Size Range 0.6 ~ 1.2mm
Wire Feeding Speed 1 ~ 20m/min
Timer (Spot or Stitch Welding) 0 ~ 5 sec
Degree of Protection IPS21
Insulation Class H180oC
KVA 17.25
Weight 125kg
Dimension (mm) 510 x 950 x 838


Warranty : 1 year ( wear & tear not included )