HARRIS STAY-SILV Brazing Flux Powder

Chemicals,Brazing / Heating

Stay-Silv Powder Flux
Description: Powder Brazing Flux

An all-purpose, white powder flux, similar to the white paste flux but in a dry powder mixture. It is typically applied by heating the braze rod end and dipping it into the flux. The flux will adhere to the heated rod. It can be used in applications where a small amount of flux, applied during heating, provides sufficient joint protection.


Brass charge valves to copper tubes
1/4" tube connections
Leak repair on previously brazed joints
Capillary tube insertion into brass distributors
Typical Application: Use Stay-Silv White Brazing Flux on applications requiring normal heat. For use with silver brazing alloys on all metals other than aluminum, magnesium, or titanium

Active Temperature : 1050°F/566°C - 1600°F /871°C

NET Weight : 250g (8.8 oz.)