Safety & Maintenance

On the Process of welding or cutting , there will be possibility of injury .
Therefore, safety precautions and protection must be take into consideration during operation. 

Electric Shocks (May lead to Death)
Do not Torch the bare electric parts and electrode with uncovered skin , wet gloves or clothes.
Electrode Holder and Earth Clamp to be fitted according to applying standard .
Make sure you are in a safe position and insulated from the ground or workshop.

Gases and Fumes (May be Harmful to Health)
Always wear a covered helmet or head shield and keep your head out of the gases and fumes.
If possible , ventilators and extractors should be used.

Welding Rays (Harmful to Eyes and body and may burn your skin)
Protective mask , filters and protective garments are to be used during the operation.
Wear ear protectors to protect from harmful hearing and excessive noise.

Fire and Spark
Welding Blankets or curtains may be used to protect on-lookers and by-passers.
Welding sparks may cause fire , thus make sure the surrounding areas are clear.
Maintaining your Welding Machine 
A good welding machine can last for many years if the maintenance are done correctly. Basic maintenance can be found below.
Remove dust by dry and clean compressed air regularly.
If welding machine is operating in environment where is polluted with smokes and air pollution , the machine needs to be cleaned once a month.
Pressure of the compressed air must be within reasonable range in order to prevent damaging the small components inside the welding machine. 
Prevent water or steam from entering into the machine. Acids or any other harmful chemicals are to be kept far away from the machine as well.
Unused welding machine must be kept inside the packing / dry box and stored in dry and clean environment.